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Design Considerations I
July 20, 2007, 8:56 pm
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The driving force behind making this game is fun.  Too many football management games come down to stat crunching and seeking out the players with the highest stats to recruit. The interfaces are complex and the game requires lots of playing to master.  Either the game is too easy (the stats masquerade as depth) or too hard for casual players to get involved.  There needs to be a balance struck between modelling the aspects of football management and keeping the UI and gameplay manageable.  It should not take hours to get into the first match, but at the same time there needs to be a way of adding depth to the game.

One thing I am keen to avoid is providing too many measurements of player ability.  The last time I played a commercial game it had something like 30 stats for each player.  Players are not stats, and when you buy a player with amazing stats and he is crap, you feel cheated.  The game needs to be more vague.  Players should be measured on performance, and information presented to the player should reflect only that.  Instead players should have traits, some talent related and others trained; e.g. “fast acceleration”, “instant control”, “offside trap”.  The real skill to the game should be identifying how to employ players in different systems or making the most of the players you have at your disposal.  Not, “ooo he has high stats, buy him!”

Other fun aspects will be things like stadium construction – one of the premises behind the artwork TagDaze is working on.

Overall, though, the game will not be complex.  Stats will work behind the scenes.  The focus of gameplay will be on match tactics.  Scouring numbers will not be part of the gameplay, if I can avoid it.


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i think your idea with not using that many stats is good. i just doubt that a vague description of the players will be good enough… if 2 players are fast u don´t know which one to use but one of them might be still “quite alot” faster then the other… and i think a trainer knows the skill of the players so this should be pretty exact (the performance still can vary because a wife that leaves a player would crush his moral for a week or some weeks [u can have other random events too])

i think the players on your team should have stats… but with players on the transfermarket you could use your vague description of what he can… the player (manager) can hire someone that can observe a player… if the player is observed long enough the stats get visible and the stats get more precise the longer you observe him (but the player won´t be on the tranfsermarket forever so you can´t wait till u see his true stats)…

Well just my 2 cents

Comment by John

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