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Design Considerations II
September 3, 2007, 10:20 pm
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To elaborate more on the “lack of stats” — I will be focusing more on the provision of “real” stats.  Percentage passes, percentage completions, ground covered in games, mistakes made.  The great thing about this kind of focus is that a player in one system may look crap but under another manager with different tactics may play great – much like real football.  Of course, like in real football, good players always do well but at the same time the management skill in real football is not utilizing your best players but utilizing your team players effectively.

This will make the game heavily data centric.  To compensate for this, all information will be stored in an SQL database and the game will be server-client (an interesting prospect for multiplayer gameplay).  Also, because of the lack of obvious statistics, the game will be less about hunting for players vs investing the resources in the right scouting areas.  Perhaps you choose to manage a big team and can buy the obvious performing players who come top of the “real” stat ranks.  Or you can invest in a scouting network and target various age ranges and try and snipe the up-and-coming players.

The important thing is that buying a new player no longer becomes a stat choice.  You need to watch players a bit to get the stats although stats will be available for your league. Also you need to pay attention to the system a player is playing in – you probably won’t want to buy a player who excels in a long-ball playing team when your side plays with a crisp passing style.

The game will be developed using a mixture of Java (the game logic) and Xml/Js (the UI) because that’s the system I’m most comfortable with. I’ll do it step-by-step rather than try and solve everything in one fell swoop. I know from extensive experience monitoring open source game projects that the release-early release-often model is by far the best way to end up with a game.

Which means I better get coding… !!!


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As a GFX designer/artist. There is little code I could contribute but what could I do to help you with this project?

Comment by Oskar Lindqvist

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